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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

ProRepair is a vehicle bodywork repair centre based in Shropshire. Our HQ is in Stafford park, Telford.

We started as a small family ran business in 2002 and since then have grown year by year in customers and skills. As our customer base grew, it became apparent to anyone seeking auto repairs in the area that we were trustworthy. If you have used us before you will know that our customers become like family to us and we will always be transparent.

You may know us better as Paint Master… That all started to change in 2020 when we joined

forces with the well known and loved valeting company, ProClean. We have worked with ProClean to create a whole brand.

This decision was made to help strengthen both companies as they were successful within their sectors and aspired to grow bigger and better than ever before.

The joining of ProClean and ProRepair created the ProGroup. This is a brand which is almost like a house for a family of businesses. As you read this the ProGroup team are actively seeking out the best businesses in the area to add to the family!

When re-branding we chose our logo and colour scheme to pay homage to the Paint Master old branding, hence the paint splatter. Over all of the ProGroup businesses our theme is the smile. You will see this across all our logos. Our aim is for all businesses within the ProGroup to be recognised just by their logo. Below is an example of our tone of voice and graphics.

Even though we have changed names we are still the same expert team! Only with more resources and connections, which means our service is just better overall.

We are always improving ourselves as we want to be the best in this industry. We have a passion and love for the trade, and this means that no scratch is ever too big or dent too deep. Our goal is to ensure every customer leaves us with a vehicle that looks brand new and a smile on their face.

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