Ferrari launches unnamed highest revving road car!

This 812 Superfast revs to 9,500rpm and has the most powerful road car Ferrari engine to date. This new version of the 812 has new valve timing, exhaust and has been built using state of the art materials.

As you can imagine, this has allowed for more horsepower. The normal 812 Superfast produces 789bhp... This new unnamed version will produce 819bhp, a 30bhp jump and will rev to 9,500rpm! This will make it the highest any Ferrari road engine has ever revved to.

Ferrari has stated that this car will be lighter, features independent steering on all four wheels and debuts version 7.0 of Ferrari’s Side Slip Control hero mechanism.

The body of this version has been redesigned to give better aerodynamics and downforce. The changes made include new front air intakes, a new carbon-fiber ‘blade’ across the bonnet, a triplet of vents on the rear arches, and a new rear diffuser and exhaust setup. The rear windscreen has also been swapped out to aluminum with vortex generators to further improve aero efficiency.

We are sure you are waiting very impatiently to be able to see one in the flesh. Make sure to follow our social media platforms to be the first to know when we get our hands on one!

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