Repairing JayEmms Toyota Celica GT-Four

You may have seen over social media that we are currently working on JayEmms Toyota Celica GT-Four! We are overjoyed to be working with YouTube star James Martin to restore his vehicle to its former glory.

The vehicle is a 1996 model, and we are going to be handling this classic beauty with extra care as she has been through a little bit of trauma. When the vehicle arrived with James from the previous owner things were not exactly as described. The list of things needing repairing on the vehicle started piling up and left James feeling less and less in love with his childhood dream car.

The Celica is currently several shades of white and the tailgate is red! We will be fixing this and giving her a total respray to make everything Toyota 040 white. We are hoping to restore James’ love for his GT-Four and return a vehicle to him that fills him with pride.

The prep work has begun, and we are so excited to get cracking! At ProRepair we not only love repairing new vehicles but classic cars too. We will be not only working on the paintwork and exterior but also doing some repairs to the leather interior.

Click here to watch JayEmms most recent video on the Toyota Celica.

This project will be ongoing for a matter of weeks so be sure to follow our social media platforms to be updated with any progress.

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